Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does Mayoor School Jaipur offer?

  • Mayoor School Jaipur offers classes from I to XII.

How do I apply for admission to Mayoor School Jaipur?

  • There is an admissions waitlist. You can add your child to the waitlist by clicking the "Apply Now" and fill the admission waitlist form.

Where can I find the Mayoor school's fee structure?

What kind of learning environment does the best school in Jaipur offer?

  • Mayoor School Jaipur offers a personalized learning environment, critical thinking projects, entrepreneurship education, debate and public speaking opportunities, and environmental education.

What are the school's core values?

  • The school's core values include equity, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration and communication, sustainability, and social responsibility.